Feb 27, 2009

About rbt Bags

The Faces Behind the Scenes

rbt Bags began as Rachel Tucker's creative outlet. As a mom of five boys with limited resources, it was hard to find affordable products in the marketplace that met the practical needs in her family without sacrificing style. So, she set out on a borrowed sewing machine to construct her own solutions to this problem. As her love for designing things grew, she had to find a way to fund this new hobby. That’s when she began selling her handmade products.

At rbt Bags, we try to use our resourcefulness to create products that add whimsy to people’s lives without sacrificing practicality or sophistication. Our handmade items are designed and then redesigned until we come up with the simplest pattern possible; that way we keep our prices as affordable as we can while maintaining good quality products. We hope that you like what we have to offer and look forward to adding more products in the future!

Keep scrolling down to learn more about the people whose hard work and creative skills help to make it all happen!

Name: Rachel
Title: Owner, designer, cutter, sewer, and other stuff
Day Job: Stay-at-home-mom to five sweet boys
College Degree: Economics
Interesting fact about yourself: I'm not very girly and I don't accessorize
Biggest Pet Peeve: Hmmm, where to begin...
Creative Outlet: Sewing to decorate my house. But most days, it’s hard to understand why I bother.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla with lots of hot fudge and no nuts
One word to describe yourself: I always need a project.  Sorry, that's more than one...
rbt Bags crowning achievement: Making it work for this long!

Name: Becky
Title: Cutter, Sewer, Designer, Ebay sales manager, spreadsheet guru, bookkeeper, and more
Day Job: Stay-at-home mom of three-year-old powerhouse, Carson, and her soon-to-be-born baby girl, Emily.
College Degree: Management
Why you chose to work with rbt Bags: To give myself something just for me-an outlet for 
my creativity that doesn’t cost my husband a penny!
Your biggest pet peeve: clutter on counter tops
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Raspberry Sorbet
One word to describe yourself: Organized!
rbt Bags specialty: When it comes to oilcloth, there’s nothing Becky can’t do!
rbt Bags crowning achievement: Creating profit margin spreadsheets (did we mention that she’s a spreadsheet guru?) and developing a comprehensive rbt Bags production manual. The business side of rbt Bags wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this woman’s wide range of skills and talents!

Name: Claire
Title: Cutter and Sewer
Day Job: College Student
Area of study: Economics and Community Development
Creative Outlet: I love to search through boxes of scrap fabric and create something from it that I can use for myself or to gift to someone else.
Most Embarrassing Moment: While teaching my cousin to do a lay-up in basketball, I ran directly into the pole mid-air. I had a giant goose-egg on my forehead for a week!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Why you choose to work with rbt Bags: To learn more about the business side of running a small business while exercising my creativity at the same time.
rbt Bags Specialty: She is so specialized in making ID cases that she had taught herself to make her own before even coming to rbt Bags!
rbt Bags crowning achievement: Coming back to rbt Bags after spending her summer living and working in Buenos Aires. We are glad that even exotic South American expeditions couldn’t keep her away!

Name: Caroline
Title: Cutter and Sewer
Day job: College Student
Area of study: Biblical and Theological Studies with a concentration in Youth Ministry
Interesting fact about yourself: I’m a Texan!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Chunk
Most embarrassing moment: all my years spent Irish dancing as a kid!
rbt Bags specialty: Cutting and sewing koozies and large unlined tote bags
rbt Bags crowing achievement: Cutting and pinning 178 large tote bags this summer and then driving to the ends of the earth to deliver them to Becky to finish sewing, all while
Rachel had skipped town and left her to do it all on her own! Without her flexibility and willingness to adapt to dynamic situations, 178 sorority girls would not have had their monogrammed tote bags this fall!

A little more from behind the scenes:
Spreadsheets and paying bills: the not-so-pretty side of running a small business

Claire puts her cutting skills to work in the room where the magic happens!

Becky sewing up one of our best-sellers, the large unlined oilcloth tote bag

Role-playing is one of the many ways we find creative inspiration at rbt Bags!

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