Jan 30, 2009

Running out of rooms.

Finally worked on our room a little...  I decided to try to make cornices (things above the window) out of foam board.  I made the living room ones out of wood (well John and my dad had to help with that) and they were a bunch of work to make and even harder to hang up.  So I thought the foam board would be a lot easier... it wasn't.  It took forever to glue the pieces together and pin the fabric into the foam board (and try to get the thread for the buttons through the foam board).  They were really easy to hang though and I can easily recover them if I want to try something new (and let's face it, I probably will).  Anyway, just a reflection on this latest craft project.

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BeckScrap said...

The pillows and the board hanging in the middle of the bed look like leopard print.