Jan 30, 2009

Shopping for rbt Bags Products

Here are some ways you can shop rbt Bags products!    
  1. All our handmade products are available at www.rbtbags.etsy.com.
  2. We have an ebay store for our non-handmade oilcloth aprons, oilcloth splat mats and oilcloth lunch bags!
  3. In Chattanooga, TN we have three retail locations: 1) Twiggs, on Lookout Mountain, TN 2) Blue Skies on Chattanooga's Northshore 3)Merchant on Main at 607 East Main Street, p 423.529.6285.

Running out of rooms.

Finally worked on our room a little...  I decided to try to make cornices (things above the window) out of foam board.  I made the living room ones out of wood (well John and my dad had to help with that) and they were a bunch of work to make and even harder to hang up.  So I thought the foam board would be a lot easier... it wasn't.  It took forever to glue the pieces together and pin the fabric into the foam board (and try to get the thread for the buttons through the foam board).  They were really easy to hang though and I can easily recover them if I want to try something new (and let's face it, I probably will).  Anyway, just a reflection on this latest craft project.

Jan 27, 2009

Red Door.

We haven't done much to the outside of the house but I have painted the front door (red!). We are hoping to repaint the porch (white) and stain the deck this weekend. So here's a before and after on the outside of the house so far.

Jan 23, 2009

Impossible Space.

So we've lived in this house for a month and for a month I have wondered what to do with this wall above the stairs.  I mean whose idea was it to put the light up off center!  Today I was a little down from being indoors so I decided to use leftover paint to create a solution.  I nearly died trying to perch on the ladder to get the top corner but the boys helped when they got home and we're all pretty pleased with our project. 

In case you haven't noticed, I am now using this blog as an outlet to share my creativity.  Mike and John don't always appreciate it so I share it with you, my faithful blog readers.



Jan 19, 2009

Finished Garage

We finally got the garage finished. Becky's dad came over and completed John's Christmas gift.. a coupon for garage shelving. The shelves will hopefully hold all the junk collected over the first 4 yrs of marriage. Of course John is excited to have his man space.

Jan 18, 2009

Sweet Potato Pancakes (Veggie Update)

A couple weeks ago I shared my efforts to introduce more veggies into our diets (especially mine).  For the first 2 weeks of the "project" I used only carrots.  We have eaten an entire bag of pureed carrots without even tasting them, sweet!

Next I am going to try sweet potatos and cauliflower.  Last night I roasted and pureed some sweet potatos.  This morning we had sweet potato pancakes and they were amazing!  I don't think I will ever make regular pancakes again.  I couldn't taste the sweet potato but I put a lot of syrup on because I didn't want to.  John loves sweet potatos so he just put a regular amount of syrup on and he could taste the potatos a little and he liked the flavor, I think the addition of cinnamon to the batter helped.  So here's the recipe...

 Sweet Potato Pancakes

1 cup water
1/2 cup sweet potato puree
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup pancake mix

Mix all ingredients.  Coat griddle or large pan with non stick cooking spray.  When pan in hot add 1 tablespoon of canola oil (or vegetable oil).  Then just cook your pancakes!  I made sure to twist the pan so that the canola oil hit all the edges of the pancakes making the edges cripsy.  They were delicious!

Jan 16, 2009


I hate when I do things like this... I painted the guest room blue.

And then after a few weeks the blue just was too bright for the room... so I painted it a more neutral khaki color.

Much better but it still needs something so I come up with this painting project...

After seeing the 1st layer of paint let's just say that the boys didn't like it (that is putting it mildly).  Looking at it now I think I have to agree with them.  Way too girly and just not that cute.  So we came up with this...

And everybody loves it.  Phew.

Jan 10, 2009


Well we know that John loves vibrant colors... and he loves the TN VOLS.  So here it is... we painted John's garage.