Dec 16, 2008

Homeowners Again.

The closing was on Monday and everything went great. We have started cleaning and painting and are already exhausted! We love it though. John has been working every day so Carson and I work at the house. My dad came today to help paint. I forgot how long painting takes! Carson has been really good though; he only put his fingers in the wet paint once.

So here are some pictures of our progress so far.

Mike and John painting the guest room. Can't wait for you to come visit!

Great Room. It has 2 different shades of a brownish color, don't know if you can tell from the pictures. Our next big project before moving in will be new floors. This carpet is outrageous. Also, the last picture is where Carson grabbed the paint roller and painted the carpet!

Kitchen. Doesn't need much. The sellers left all of their food in the fridge, gross! The fridge is really small too and doesn't match so we bought a new fridge. Yay!

Upstairs Guest Bath. This room has bits of wallpaper that had to be removed. No fun!

Our room, needs another coat

Carson's room with primer. Still have to prime and paint those red doors.

Check back for more updates! Wish you were all here (to help!). Ha ha.

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