Dec 9, 2008

Almost Closing Day!

Today we got to walk through our house again!  We were afraid we would find things we didn't like but instead there were a couple of good surprises.  There was another closet upstairs that I didn't remember, the master closet was bigger than I remembered, and the guest room has a big walk in closet that I didn't know about, yay!  So this post is going to have tons of pictures which may be boring.  But for those of you who know how much I love painting and decorating I am going to post every before picture so the after will be even more thrilling :)  John and I love to renovate and are so excited for another project! 

WARNING:  The amount of beige and white in this house is shocking!

White countertops, yikes!  These will be fun to keep clean.
Looks like we will be removing a little bit of wallpaper.
Yuck!  Uncle Mike let Carson sit in the tub.
We will definitely miss our double closets but this closet is actually wider than it looks.  It looks like I forgot to take a picture of the master.  It is small :(
I can't wait to see this blue paint gone!
I was trying to take a picture of Carson's closet.  It actually goes the whole length of the room.   Not sure why the 2 doors?
We will definitely be putting a gate up.  Carson LOVES stairs.
Indoor laundry!  It may not be a laundry room but at least I don't have to go into the garage to do laundry (or do my laundry in the kitchen like in the apartment).
Surprise big closet in the downstairs guest room!
This color is so not cool.  We haven't decided what to do with this room.  I think I'll keep all the boxes here and move them out as I unpack.
Downstairs bath

If you saw the pictures we previously took of the house you saw all the CRAP that the renters had in the house.  We were so excited to see most of it gone... then we went on the deck... then we went into the garage.  The realtor is contacting them again about the stuff.  No closing until it's ALL gone!

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The Acting Mom said...

That is a lot of beige! And that is a lot of junk left! They were SUPER messy! That is shocking!!!