Oct 21, 2008

Appreciate your eyebrows.

So... in an effort to save some money I decided to learn how to wax my eyebrows.  I went to a beauty supply store and bought a kit and today while Carson was taking his morning nap I figured it out.  It actually went really well and my eyebrows looked great, go me!  I was just going in for one last spot when...

YIKES!!  There was too much wax on my eyebrow and I held the little strip too low and there goes the middle of my eyebrow.  I am able to laugh about this now but I was pretty devestated.  I spent some time with makeup and eyebrow pencils and managed to get my eyebrow back to normal.  I really hope it grows  back!!

1 comment:

K-Rissa said...

oh no! that is crazy!!! way to go with the make-up. i couldn't even tell.

miss you guys a lot!!!