Oct 21, 2008

Appreciate your eyebrows.

So... in an effort to save some money I decided to learn how to wax my eyebrows.  I went to a beauty supply store and bought a kit and today while Carson was taking his morning nap I figured it out.  It actually went really well and my eyebrows looked great, go me!  I was just going in for one last spot when...

YIKES!!  There was too much wax on my eyebrow and I held the little strip too low and there goes the middle of my eyebrow.  I am able to laugh about this now but I was pretty devestated.  I spent some time with makeup and eyebrow pencils and managed to get my eyebrow back to normal.  I really hope it grows  back!!

Oct 3, 2008

The new place.

After a bunch of looking we finally found an apartment!  It is in such a nice area and I know I will feel safe and comfortable there.  We were worried about finding a nice place because we aren't familiar with the area yet.  The only problem is that it's smaller than anything else we have looked at but we decided it was worth it since the apartment is so close to parks, shopping, and other fun things to do.  Since this is the first time we have lived in apartment we are a little anxious but here goes!

Loading up the truck at the barn.

Moving in...

It took a lot of work but the apartment is mostly set up now.  It has been a challenge fitting a house worth of stuff into a 900 square foot apartment.  We definitely couldn't have done it without my parents storing a bunch of our stuff (thanks!).