rbtbags oilcloth binder covers

Hello friends!  I recorded a little video today showing how our oilcloth binder covers work. I hope this helps and if you have any questions contact me!

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make your own organizer or recipe book with an oilcloth covered mini binder

We think our oilcloth covered mini binder is perfect for the home or the office. The oilcloth cover wipes clean and the bright florals and crisp patterns make these binders a fun addition to your day.

We are always looking for more ways to organize our mini binders and we have just recently added some to our Etsy shop. All of the half sheet binder dividers we have found have tabs that are covered up by the page protectors. We have created printable dividers with easy to see top tabs.

Our easy to purchase and budget friendly printable mini binder set includes blank dividers (label them however you like!), recipe dividers, and a half-sheet recipe card.

Our dividers have holes marked so you know exactly where to punch. The only tools you need are a printer, cardstock, scissors, and a single hole punch. We recommending printing all of these files on white cardstock. Before you cut out your dividers take some clear packing tape and reinforce the area where you will cut out the holes for your binder rings. Put another piece on the tab up top and when it's all cut out it will be that much sturdier.

Enjoy and please comment with any questions!

Fall 2015 prints

Our new fall prints will be available in our Etsy shop on August 1st! Here's a little preview of the colorful new choices. I have been sewing up samples for pictures all week and so far my favorites are white floral, blue floral, and gold stripe!

One more little sneak!

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Oilcloth Pennant Banners

We hate wasting any of our gorgeous oilcloth so we are always on the lookout for new product ideas using our smaller oilcloth scraps.

Our new oilcloth banners are up in the shop and at $12 they are a perfect way to brighten up any room. Get more details and purchase here.

Summer Plans

Our Etsy and EBay shops will be closed July 12-July 20 while we catch up on orders and enjoy some vacation time. Our Etsy shop will reopen with a limited amount of our products until August 6, but you will still be able purchase those ever important oilcloth beach bags when we reopen on the 20th, so never fear! Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Imbibe Magazine

We are excited that our insulated oilcloth koozies made it into Imbibe Magazine for their March/April addition!  If you are interested in purchasing this, or any of our other oilcloth items, please follow the link to our Etsy shop below.  Thanks!

rbt bags' oilcloth insulated koozies, available for $6 at our Etsy store!